Marin German Language

German for the 21st Century

Those who know nothing of foreign languages, know nothing of their own."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Hamid Emami, Founder and Instructor

Why study German?

A reading knowledge of German is valuable in business, science and international law. After Russian, it is the language spoken by more people in Europe than any other, making it essential for sharing academic and legal knowledge. German is the most commonly used language on the Internet after English. If you love to read, an understanding of the original text can be magical... nothing gets lost in the translation.

Is German easy to learn?

No, but neither is English, Spanish or French (just ask a German).


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As his student you will receive an unparalleled opportunity to study a language and the experience of feeling both special and authentic while learning."

~ William Anderson, M.D

Study at any level, from beginner to expert.

Hamid is a dedicated teacher who wants you to succeed as he shares his love of his native language and culture."

~ Kristen Brand

Teaching people how to communicate effectively in German


Doing Business in Germany?

Test Preparation?

Family Ties?

Every student has unique reasons for learning and here you will be welcomed and helped to meet your goals.

Private lessons -

- an option for company management and private individuals. One-on-one lessons are the most effective and flexible way for a student to immerse him- or herself in a foreign language. The student may set up any day or time for the lessons, including weekend and evening hours. The lessons may be held at your office, home or at the Marin German Language location in Corte Madera.

Semi-private classes -

- are lessons for two or more students who would like to study together and pursue a specific program. Individuals who wish to join a group may enroll for any length program, from a short crash course to a comprehensive ongoing program.

Group classes -

- are an economical option for individuals who wish to learn the language.

Advanced classes -

- For advanced German speakers, we will make an assessment in order to determine how best to boost your confidence and fluency in speaking.


Whichever solution you choose, scheduling is up to the student. First we consult with you to learn more about your language learning goals. Once we know your proficiency, we recommend a schedule and program. At that time, we also let you know specific tuition and material costs.

Enlarge your vocabulary and range of expressions


For one-to-one tutoring and accelerated learning, enjoy Hamid's private coaching sessions that focus on YOU, your learning goals and your current level of proficiency.


Giving your children the gift of a bi-lingual upbringing is tremendously valuable. It delivers insights as to how others in the world think and will open doors in your childrens future. It also unlocks many of the mysteries of the arts and sciences. I know from my own experience - being fluent in German, English, Farsi, French and Spanish - that having a second language is an asset in business.

Children get VIP treatment targeted to their learning goals. I have prepared students to successfully pass the AP German exam of the College Board and the standardized tests of the Goethe Institute. Lessons for children are available only as private one-on-one or for siblings. For younger children one parent has to be present for each class.