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German for the 21st Century - Testimonials

I am delighted to offer an unqualified recommendation of Hamid Emami for a teacher of German, in both classroom and individual formats.

... My experience has been as a student of Hamid for the better part of the past year, first in a community college beginners class and more recently as an individual student. Not only is his rigorous emphasis on grammar gratifying, but also his superb understanding of English, certainly better than most Americans, is refreshing and educational. Some of his many other gifts include balance (between formal structure and conversational freedom), sensitivity (to the individual strengths and weakness of each student), and humor (a graceful and earthy irony in German, English, and the several other languages he knows).

He is easily the best teacher of any subject I have had in the past 50 years, if not a lifetime. He should be tenured in some high-ranking university: their loss is your gain.

As his student you will receive an unparalleled opportunity to study a language and the experience of feeling both special and authentic while learning."

William Anderson, M.D.

My German classes with Hamid are a highlight of my week.

...He makes the classes fun and we talk about a wide variety of subjects. He corrects my German grammar very kindly and he even occasionally corrects my English sentences! He is a perfectionist in a good way.

I visited my friends in Munich this winter, and they were quite surprised at how much my German improved after a year of taking classes with Hamid. I actually was able to understand 90% of our conversations and I could talk to everyone in hotels and restaurants and even have a philosophical conversation with my friend Rita. I could not have done that before the classes. Vielen Dank, Hamid!"

~ Kay Keohane

Donald Nevins, M.D.:

"Hamid has an extraordinary capacity to combine instruction in formal language acquisition, be it grammatical, conversational or literary, with encouragement, scholarship, dedication, respectfulness and good cheer! Always informative. Always responsive. An educational joy!

A. Coleman:

"I started to learn German on my own with books and CDs. Soon I became frustrated. I felt that I was not able to get out of the beginner's zone. Luckily, I found Hamid and joined one of his German groups. After only a few weeks of Hamid's German classes, I felt that I had finally graduated into the intermediate category. German is hard work, but Hamid makes it interesting and fun! Not only do we learn about the German language, but also we talk about the culture and discuss current events. I love to hear about Hamid's life growing up in Germany and how he came to the United States. He always has a story to tell, a joke to make us laugh, and/or a life lesson to share. It is obvious that Hamid loves teaching German. He is a dedicated teacher who helps people to learn and to love German."

Kristine Brand:

"Hamid dissolves the mystery of learning this complex language by explaining things so that they are practical and easy to understand. His lessons are always organized and systematic, yet he is flexible in adapting his teaching style according to student needs. Hamid is a dedicated teacher who wants you to succeed as he shares his love of his native language and culture."

Roy A. Johnson:

"As a teacher of the German language, Hamid Emami is excellent. The classes may seem somewhat unstructured but Mr. Emami skillfully leads the group through each session to achieve the objective of the lesson. He emphasizes the grammar of the language which, at first seems formidable, but truly is the secret to a successful grasp of German. Mr. Emami challenges each student at their individual level in a firm but never condescending manner. He actually has an excellent sense of humor and is not adverse to the occasional philosophical digression; but he never lets the discussion detract from the primary goal of improvement of one's German language skills.".

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